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Clinical Years

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The two-year clinical curriculum consists of required core clerkships, electives, and sub-internships. The common set of required core clerkships ensures every student experiences the various specialties of medicine. Elective rotations allow students to explore areas of particular interest in greater depth and help them decide which specialty and residency programs to pursue. Sub-internships allow students to further sharpen their clinical skills and enhance their preparation for residency. The Years 3 and 4 Doctoring courses emphasize career advising, evidence-based medicine, professionalism and clinical decision-making.

Mark Fegley

“There are so many great reasons I chose Temple / St. Luke’s but the most unique compared to other programs is the amazing clinical training opportunities from renowned staff and a small class.”
– Mark Fegley, Class of 2015 and St. Luke’s Family Medicine Resident

Temple / St. Luke’s students complete all required clerkships at St. Luke’s. Students find this advantageous, as they quickly become familiar with St. Luke’s layout and systems, including the electronic medical record, and can focus all of their rotation time on learning medical knowledge, patient care, and procedures. With a large, diverse patient base, medical students are assured of seeing a full spectrum of diseases and clinical presentations. Students also gain valuable experience in providing culturally competent and cross-culturally sensitive health care since St. Luke's patients reflect the considerable racial, ethnic, and economic diversity of the surrounding communities.

Year 3 consists of seven required core clerkships and one elective rotation. Clerkships are listed below in alphabetical order; individual student schedules vary.

Clerkship Duration
Family Medicine 6 weeks
Internal Medicine 8 weeks
Neurology 4 weeks
Obstetrics and Gynecology 6 weeks
Pediatrics 6 weeks
Psychiatry 6 weeks
Surgery 8 weeks
Elective 4 weeks
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Year 4 consists of required advanced clerkships, at least one sub-internship, at least one scholarly project, and five 4-week blocks of electives. Students who are interested in experiencing different hospital settings may take as many electives as they wish at any of the LKSOM clinical teaching sites. In addition, they may take up to three electives outside of the LKSOM system: two within the United States and one international elective. At the conclusion of Year 4, a Capstone Course helps to prepare students for the transition to residency.

Clerkship Duration
Emergency Medicine 4 weeks
Radiology (may be completed in Year 3 during elective time) 4 weeks
Sub-internship in General Surgery, Internal Medicine, or Pediatrics 4 weeks
Critical Care (e.g. MICU, NICU, SICU) 4 weeks
Electives (5) 5 4-week blocks