School of Medicine



Prerequisites for Admission:

  • Biology w/ Lab - 8 semester hours
  • General Chemistry w/ Lab - 8 semester hours *
  • Organic Chemistry w/ Lab - 8 semester hours*
  • General Physics w/ Lab - 8 semester hours
  • Humanities - 6 semester hours

Courses designed for non-science majors or allied health students are not acceptable. * Biochemistry may be used to meet a General Chemistry or Organic Chemistry requirement.

Completion of at least 90 semester hours from an accredited U.S. or Canadian college or university is required for admission. On occasion, students who have not completed a baccalaureate degree, but who have demonstrated exceptional academic capability and evidence of unusual maturity may apply.

Brian Wernick

“The St. Luke’s campus truly provided me with the best of both worlds – an intimate environment with a strong focus on academics. I had the opportunity to obtain a high quality medical education while being in a supportive community environment. I enjoyed the close relationships I formed with the doctors and my fellow medical students and liked that the majority of my rotations were completed right at St. Luke’s. When it was time to decide on where I wanted to be for my residency in General Surgery, staying at St. Luke’s quickly became my first choice.”
– Brian Wernick, Class of 2013 and St. Luke’s General Surgery Resident

Your prerequisite science courses must come from those that your college has identified as appropriate for pre-medical students. Courses designed for non-science majors are not acceptable. If you apply before you have completed all of the required science courses, LKSOM will place your file on hold until the admissions office receives transcripts showing that you successfully completed these courses.

Please note that you do not have to be a science major to apply. LKSOM welcomes non-science majors who have demonstrated the potential for excellent achievement in the sciences. We encourage students who have a broad education in the humanities and who have strong writing and communication skills to apply. You must take the MCAT® offered by the Association of American Medical Colleges. The MCAT® should be taken within three years of matriculation, no later than September of the year in which you are applying.