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Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple graduates secure impressive residencies, a fact that is often attributed to its reputation for providing superior clinical experiences. Temple / St. Luke’s students are no exception. The low ratio of students to attending physicians together with the high degree of responsibility provides Temple/St. Luke’s students with outstanding preparation for residency training.

Temple / St. Luke’s students have matched to residency programs in a broad range of specialties – view our list. Most of the programs are with university affiliated hospitals and are widely distributed geographically.

Julia Tolentino

“When I was applying to medical school, I was given the advice ‘Go to the place where the residents and attendings are the doctors you want to become.’ It’s thrilling to know I am going to be one of those doctors at St. Luke’s.”
– Julia Tolentino, Class of 2015 and St. Luke’s General Surgery Resident

Match Day is an annual rite of passage for medical students, a day when they learn at which residency programs they will train for the next three to seven years. “National Match Day is truly a milestone for every medical student across the country,” says Dr. Joel Rosenfeld, MD, M.Ed, FACS, Chief Academic Officer, St. Luke’s University Health Network. “This is the day when medical residency programs match with their highest-ranked medical students, and medical students learn where they will continue their medical training as residents.”


2019 Residency Match Results

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2018 Residency Match Results

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2017 Residency Match Results

Nearly 30 Temple / St. Luke’s medical students will graduate this year. Here are a few of the members of the Class of 2017…


2016 Residency Match Results

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Match Day 2016


2015 Residency Match Results

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Match Day results…Excitement. High fives. Smiles. Laughter. Hugs. Take a quick look for an idea of what it’s is all about!

Match Day 2015

Temple / St. Luke's Inaugural Class of 2015 Match results are in! Everyone at St. Luke’s is proud of the accomplishments of our fourth year medical students and how well they matched for their residencies. Eight of our Temple / St. Luke’s medical students are continuing their professional development in St. Luke’s Graduate Medical Education programs! Congratulations to all!


St. Luke's Campus Students - 2008 - 2014

Students entering the residency application and match process find highly personalized guidance and assistance. Click here to see where St. Luke's clinical campus students have matched.

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